Top 5 Albums Of All Time

#5. The life of Pablo by Kenya West:

The seventh studio album of the American Rapper Kanye West. It was released on February 14, 2016. Though the life of the Pablo had mixed reviews from critics, the album didn’t fail to impress Kenya’s fans and followers. The album was nominated for the Best Rap song at the Grammy Awards.

#4. Blonde by Frank Ocean:

Blonde is second studio album of Frank Ocean, and it released on 20th August 2016.  Though the take-off for the album wasn’t good, it took a sweet spot when it landed by the end of the year 2016. The album topped in almost all the countries and sold 232000 copies in the first week.  It received a positive response and was named as the third most critically acclaimed album of the year.

#3. Blackstar by David Bowie:

Blackstar, released on 8th January 2016, is the 25th and the last studio album of David Bowie. The album, soon after its release, received wide appreciation and was named the most acclaimed album of the year 2016. Bowie was also credited as the biggest selling vinyl artist of the year 2016. His album was nominated under almost all category at the Grammys and bagged 7 awards. Though the man, unfortunately, passed away after a couple of days after the album’s release, his songs will live forever.

#2.Lemonade by Beyoncé:

Dearly called by all her fans as the ‘Queen B,’ it is Beyoncé’s sixth studio album Lemonade that went on to become one among the top 3 albums of 2016. It was released on April 23, 2016. It also stole a position for itself in the Grammy’s List, bagging the award for the Best Urban Contemporary Album. It was also nominated for ‘the album of the year’ category too. It was widely acclaimed as Beyonce’s boldest work till date. It sold more than 485000 copies in the first week.

We always save the best for the last.

#1. 1989 by Taylor Swift:

The album that stole number the hearts in 2016 is none other than the one that bagged the alum of the year at the Grammy Awards. Yes, you answered it, 1989 by Taylor Swift. If a song has to bag the best album award then obviously all the songs of the songs must have scored exceedingly well. That’s what exactly happened with Taylor Swift’s 1989. Even before Grammy or Billboard could release their lists, the predictions right stated Taylor’s name. The album was a compilation of super-cool songs with ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood’ being the best of all.


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