All That You Have To Know About ‘Attack The Hero’ Rock Band!

In a world where we can globally connect ourselves with the internet as a platform, one of the best things that have happened is the growth of a lot of independent talents, especially in the field of music. In the recent past artists are finding it easy to exhibit their talent in the right platform. It has become much easier to connect with people and earn their love and support. Today we can list a lot of people who started out as small musicians and grew up to become global heroes. One among such promising new entrants is the musical group who perform under the banner ‘Attack the Hero.’

Attack the Hero

‘Attack the hero’ is a Canadian American rock group. The roots of the group found its soil in Toronto. This group comprises of five young talents who found their passion their passion in music and decided to pursue it. The music is influenced by metalcore acts such as Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, and Swedish Melodic Death metal scene. The team has so far released an Extended Play called In Search of inner peace and a full-length album As One We Stand. Their other works include ten studio albums, three live performances, three compilations and nineteen music videos.

The team was first recognized in a wide range when they won a major televised competition in Sweden. Then these like-minded souls had their full focus on music and made continuous accomplishment, winning the hearts of a lot of people. The team also collaborates with other musical bands like Hand Grenade and A Saving Whisper.  The sweetest thing about these groups getting together is that the way they uproot differences and get together with their attention attached only to music. Above all these collaborations define competition in a different but positive way.

Attack the Hero – Originals

Most of the concerts take place in the halls of Czech Republic. The most common venue where almost all their live performance takes places is the Rock Café. They perform originals as well as the songs of other famous artists. The team has given both individual performance and few collaborations as well, as stated earlier. We would also like to list some of their originals that hit the YouTubers and viewers with a wave of astonishment. The songs are as below:

  • Be Yourself
  • Thank you
  • As one we stand
  • The Sky is Crying
  • Hit me harder
  • Better Days

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